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This reference is helpful source of information for the understanding of how currents will affect barrier beach breaching.

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This reference is helpful to understand flood and ebb tide influences and inlet formation.

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This reference is helpful for the diagrams of the watershed and dynamics of coastal environments.

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This reference is helpful for a deeper understanding of the agents that form beaches.

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This reference is helpful tool of knowing scientific names of what you are seeing at the beach.

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This reference is helpful because of knowledge about up to date tide conditions can greatly influence beach profiles.

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This reference is helpful to compare historical and current data. This is also helpful to find great sources of information.

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This reference is helpful because of a historically based knowledge is critical to knowing what the current state of the river is in.

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This reference is helpful source of reading a beach from a local to a global scale.

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This reference is helpful to a greater understanding of the evolution of geomorphology.

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